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Monday January 22nd 2018



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Contest Winners

The Expose Yourself Song Contest Results

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Closing Comments-

by Florence Lamb

What an amazing, Sophie’s Choice kind of thrill ride.  Like the impossible choice facing the character  in the classic Meryl Streep movie,’s “Expose Yourself” music contest yielded an  astounding wealth of talent.  How heartening to know that so many people are making great, soul-filling  music all over the planet in such a multitude of flavors.  But also, what a delicious dilemma.  How do you choose from a vast sea of talented people?  The contest received entries from around the globe, in  every genre imaginable.  When the number of entrants zoomed past one hundred early in the contest  there was excitement in the Review Posse ranks, and the submissions kept on pouring in.  There were  phenomenal and righteously talented musicians, singers, songwriters, composers.  There were dozens of  tracks that lodged in your musical brain even after only a single listen.  There were songs I longed to  hear again.  There were songs that will be covered by huge stars and there are acts that will certainly  blow up.  Many songs shone in different ways, with so many unique musical strengths.  There are  countless people whose music and careers I will watch because I want to see what they’ll do and where  they’ll go, and most of all because I want to hear more.

A profound thank you to all of you who participated in the Expose Yourself song contest.  A lot of difficult choices were involved, and we salute all of you who are creating and putting your music out into the world.

Kudos and gratitude to Clayton Picks (their products rock!) for supporting the efforts of everyone  filled with the grace of music…

Special thanks to Honey Harris -On Air DJ from Radio Free Santa Fe KBAC for her participation on the panel.
Let The Music Play
Florence Lamb

Some of the songs are being streamed at the bottom of the page.

The Results are in!

The Winners list:

Grand Prize Winner – Jeffrey James – Always The Same

Winner Grand PrizeJeffrey James – Always the Same

1st Runner Up Chris O’Neill      – Three Words
2nd Runner UpBrent Brown     – I Am Kindness
3rd Runner UpIsaac Simons    – Strange Place
4th Runner UpJon Mclurg        – Big Band Theory
5th Runner UpAnshelle           – Good Days
6th Runner UpHarmon             – Goodbye Me
Finalist List: In no particular order.
Tanadra         - Danny

Kotadama      - Choices

Phil Henry     - Hold Up
Elora             – Metal Heart
The Cellophane Flowers – If I Was A Girl
Brite Vu         – Speechless
J.L.Baker – Independence Day
Shoot The Messenger – This Is Why Life Sucks
Gumshen     - Perfect
Sleeps Six      – What Do You Mean?
Mwana          – All You People
Rosa             – Sister Bird
Shin Kawasaki – Find Another Way
Wendy Waller – Folding
Ben Rusch – You Eyes Are Like Fire
Wiley Bo Walker – Drive
Roxi Diabla – Arabian Dream Queen
Rory Sulivan     – Out Of Here

Emma Joleen     - Hello and Goodbye

Kaleigh Mason – Layers of Love

Neal Katz – Be A Light

Keith Moody – Do It Over Again                                                                                                                                                                              Michael Bannerman – Only Words
Dave Tutin     - Halfway Home
J. The Savage – The Age of The SuperStar

Esther Sparks – What Changed

Honorable Mentions-
Brother Lou – Nothing in The Sky
Big Nic – Blade Runner
Coyote Love – Care Free Living
Katie Carrol – Abort
Neva Luke Warm – Who I Am
Vandana – Bandara Re
Amelia Coffey – Dolphin Play

We will be publishing a post on all the finalist’s over the next coming weeks so check back!!

The Links Will Be Updated As Posted.