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Sunday February 25th 2018



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The Cellophane Flowers – Yes I Am – Video

The Cellophane Flowers – Yes I Am – Video

cellophane-flowersLondon UK based band The Cellophane Flowers consists of Francesca Corradini (vocals – guitar), Ian Sumner (guitar), Luca Napolitano (bass), Nick Guy (drums). Some have attempted to catalog the band’s unusual sound as “whimsy pop,” “psycho-pop,” and “avant-garde pop personified” we add our attempt ….”quirky pop” .Their music offer a range of pop/rock/pop that is thoroughly enjoyable and worthy of your time. Check it out.



Animated Video of “Yes I Am” by the Cellophane Flowers

Visit – the Cellophane Flowers

Check Out The Cellophane Flowers “If I Was A Girl” Video – Watch Here

The Band is:

Francesca Corradini
Nick Guy
Luca Napolitano
Ian Sumner


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