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Sunday February 25th 2018



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Blue King Brown | Come and Check Your Head

Natalie Pa'apa'a

Blue King Brown | Come and Check Your Head

Blue King Brown from Australia featuring Natalie Pa apa a.

Come and Check Your Head – Blue King Brown

Here I come now with a story, of the human races diminishing glory,
Do you think its o.k to keep falling further from the sun?
Cause, while they’re making the decisions,
When we people speak up they don’t listen,
So don’t you dare go and die for this system I’m telling you that’s wrong.
SO come and be open, Come and get wise,
You think they’ll protect you, but don’t realise,
The war that they make only takes away life,


They’ll sell you their stories and tell you what’s right,
Promise you glory if you go and fight,
But don’t send their own kids to war in the night,


CHORUS: Come and check your head,
Come and check your head,
Against what is right!
Contemplating, what they’re doing,
Situation, something’s brewing,
They’ll keep tryin to tell us were wrong,
But we keep believing strong, so
May we wake up from this slumber
Like their spell we’ve been living under,
Cause this battles about to get hotter,
I feel it in my heart!
AND next time you’re waiting for something to change,
Instead of just sitting and wasting the day,
The struggle it breathes now and calls out your name,


They start to betray you when thinking of one,
There is no shame greater than what they have done,
When all their rewards were reaped under a gun.



(and) I know you feel it,
When we talk this way,
Cause there just is no denying,
May the world we live in now,
Carry me today, see our colours keep on flyin eeeyeah!
SO come make your own mind and use your own eyes,
You see what they’re doing and know it aint right,
And there aint nothing wrong with us wanting to fight.


There is a resistance that grows everyday from following
Blindly to leading the way,
And its not gonna give up till FREEDOM gonna stay,


Blue King Brown, Australian roots band.
Urban Roots

BKB backed up their first EP release with a tough debut album titled ‘STAND UP’, independently released in October 2006 through their own label, ROOTS LEVEL RECORDS and in Japan through VILLAGE AGAIN/SIDEOUT. The album has received mass critical acclaim with ‘come and check your head’, the first single off the album hitting hard!

Singles – Water, Come and Check your head, Stand Up, Don’t let go
High rotation on JJJ
‘Come and check your head’ made JJJ’s hottest 100 list for 2006.
BKB’s debut album STAND UP was a Feature Album on Triple J and also received a J Award Nomination 2006 — Triple J’s Australian Album of the year.
Along with national radio, the album has been a staple on country wide community stations. With 3 single releases all gaining solid airplay.

Live Earth 2007
East Coast Blues & Roots festival 2006, 2007(Australia)
West Coast Blues & Roots festival 2006, 2007 (Australia)
Reggae Town 2007
Womadelaide 2007 (Australia)
Falls festival 2006 (Australia)
Southbound 2007(Australia)
Homebake 2007(Australia)
Woodford folk fest 2005 2006 2007(Australia)
JJJ AWOL SERIES 2007(Australia)
Summer Sonic 2007(Japan)
Green Room festival 2006 2007 (Japan)
Fiji’s World Music Festival 2006 (Fiji)
just to name a few…

“The revolution will be televised, dance-hall style.” – Tsunami Magazine

“Never has a lesson/protest song been so infectiously delivered.” – The Drum Media.

“It was almost as if the whole building itself was grooving to their entrancing beats and inspiring lyrics. Blue King Brown provided what they do best, transporting listeners into another world…” –

“Blue King Brown are people magnets. Within seconds of walking on stage there was a rush to the dance floor. It was a frantic night of dancing and a solid performance from a band whose star is forever rising higher.” – Tsunami

Michael Franti & Spearhead
Damian “Jr Gong” Marley
John Butler Trio
The Cat Empire
Cody Chesnutt
Amongst others…

Dedicated to the movement, Hard hitting lyrics and groove, socially aware and active, Blue King Brown is a band that walks their talk on many social issues and are known for actively speaking out.

Natalie Paapaa – Vocals, Guitar :: Carlo Santone — Bass :: Salvador Persico — Percussion :: Pete Wilkins — Drums Sam Cope — Keyboards :: Emily ‘G’ Mould – Trombone :: Nick ‘Dub’ Wilkins – Trumpet :: Hailey Cramer – Backing Vocals :: Nadee – Backing Vocals

Gravadora: Roots Level Rcords
Tipo de gravadora: Independente
Membros da banda: Natalie Pa’apa’a, Carlo Santone, Salvador Persico, Sam Cope, Peter Wilkins, Haley Cramer, Nadee
Cidade: Melbourne
País: Austrália


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