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Sunday February 25th 2018



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Neal Katz – Be A Light

Neal KatzNeal Katz – Be A Light | Finalist | Expose Yourself Song Contest.

“A beautiful musical prayer and guiding message for the ages” – Sylus Brown

” A nourishing song with the beauty of peace hope and love ringing through Neal’s music” – Dave Colon

Neal Katz is bringing his Texas made folk music into the light and much to our benefit. With his song “Be a Light”and its captivating melody and hopeful guiding messages you are immediately aware of the noteworthy talent at work. Quality recording and musical performances, with heavenly background vocal harmonies add to the overall impact of Neal’s exceptional music, vocals and lyrics. Our impression is that this is more than the most beautiful song anyone could ever imagine their father singing to them, it is a hopeful heart filling and loving song that should be a daily affirmation and mandatory part of every persons life. We at ReviewPosse are moved by the beauty of “Be A Light”.

Listen To Neal Katz – ” Be a Light”

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We do realize that this is a holiday song, a Chanukah song specifically because it is from Neal’s latest musical work “Be A Light – Chanukah Songs For Grown-ups,” a collection of traditional Chanukah songs mixed in with some new melodies by Neal. But this song and composition “Be a Light” are a holiday song that should be celebrated everyday , if everyone made music this uplifting the world would be better place. So we thank Neal for his musical contributions and direction in that endeavor.

In addition to being a talented song crafter Neal is also known as Rabbi Neal Katz and serves a lucky congregation at Temple Beth El in Tyler, TX.

Visit Neal Katz at> and check out “I am a River” another favorite around here.

Support Neal Katz and pick up his music available through CDBaby, iTunes, or OySongs.


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