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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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Interview : Jeffrey James

Jeffrey James 1Interview with Jeffrey James

Jeffrey James winner of the “Expose Yourself Song Contest” and rising musical force based in Nashville,TN.
First we want to congratulate you Jeffrey on winning the “Expose Yourself Song Contest” and on the release of your debut CD “Just Right”, everyone around here is totally enjoying your music and has a great feeling about your future music career.

ReviewPosse: Jeffrey how did you first get started in music?
Jeffrey James: Music was something that I was always around as a kid. Growing up, my whole family sang. Not professionally but in church and any time we were together. We were that family of 5 riding in a mini-van harmonizing to songs from bands like Chicago and Genesis. I was in choir all through high school and took guitar lessons for 6 years, But it wasn’t until I went to college that I realized that music was the only thing I wanted to do.

ReviewPosse:How would you describe your music stylistically and what genre of music do you enjoy performing most?
Jeffrey James: Generally I say that write and perform pop/rock music. However, my music has a lot of Blues and Soul influences as well. My voice has a darker quality and an edginess that blends well with blues and jazz as well as pop. The music I write is my favorite to sing because I get to perform songs that I have a personal connection to. However, I have a soft spot for Jazz and Blues as well thought. Maybe in a different life I could have been a crooner in Vegas.

ReviewPosse: Could you share some of your musical influences?
Jeffrey James: My original influences came from my parents who were/are big fans of Chicago, The Doobie Brothers, Genesis, and my mom is a huge Beatles fan. Right before I started writing music I really got into Josh Kelley, Marc Brousard, Jason Mraz, Johnny Lang, and Anthony David. I really connect with pop, rock, and soul artists.

ReviewPosse: Do you think the music business is difficult for new artists today?

Jeffrey James: That is a big YES. It seems like there are three times as many people trying to get into the industry as there were just 20 years ago (Although I realize I was only 3 years old 20 years ago). And the industry itself is in a state of complete change so no one really knows the best way to get a foot in the door. You have to be your own all-in-one music business company and keep finding new ways to get people to hear and see you.  You’ve got to be driven and willing to make the necessary sacrifices to create a spot for yourself.

ReviewPosse: What venue or event have you always wanted to perform in?
Jeffrey James: I have always hoped that some day soon I can come back to Nashville and play the Ryman Auditorium. It was literally the first venue in Nashville and has so much history behind it. It seems like every important artist or musician has played there. Headlining there

would be one of those “you know you’ve made it when” moments.

ReviewPosse: We love your debut CD “Just Right” what inspired the Spanish Flamenco motif on “Better for You”?
Jeffrey James: The Spanish guitar is just a sexy instrument. It is just the perfect instrument to play when you have a certain mood in mind. It’s funny to me because Better for You is a fairly innocent song, but I wrote it to have sensual Latin feel. So it seemed the obvious choice to bring in a flamenco guitar player to add to the atmosphere of the song.

ReviewPosse: Where can we buy your CD “Just Right” and do you have any other merch for sale?

Jeffrey James

Jeffrey James: My album is currently on iTunes and Rhapsody. I have t-shirts available but only at shows so you’ll have to come see me live soon!

Thank You Jeffrey for taking time to do this interview we are excited to learn more about you and are psyched about your debut CD “Just Right” and we will be following your career and looking forward to seeing you live with great anticipation.

Support this charismatic young artist, and if you don’t have it already, go pick up the CD “Just Right” by Jeffrey James right now and every thing will be Just Right.

Visit Jeffrey James on the internet>

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