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Monday February 19th 2018



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The Cellophane Flowers – If I Was a Girl

the Cellophane FlowersThe Cellophane Flowers – If I Was a Girl | Finalist | Expose Yourself Song Contest

Resistance is useless…the quirky, catchy vocals and unconventional phrasing get under your skin and creep into your brain to set up residence.  This naughty girl on girl sing along is impossible to resist.  Even if the initial listen or two might tweek your nerve endings, it’ll end up being an  infectious favorite…by Florence Lamb

“The Cellophane Flowers was an immediate hit around the office and is played constantly the music is just so catchy and great” -Lois Filburn

” I want to hear more its so sexy,at first i could only under stand half the lyric’s but i was singing along with made up words anyway.  Francesca’s voice is indescribably delicious and her styling is tasty and unique. Stellar Song !! ” – Sylus Brown

The Cellophane Flowers are out of London, UK and grace us with a quirky pop sound and vibe which appeals to a colorfully diverse listener group . What about the name The Cellophane Flowers? Ian claims that, “We didn’t steal it from the Beatles, we stole it from the Secret Machines… who stole it from the Beatles. We only steal second hand.

Italian leading lady Francesca Corradini joined the band and adds a quirky vocal phrasing and a unique style that ranges from vicious screams to enthralling whispers through out their repertoire. This UK outfit has all the makings of a band that can get big real fast and that what we want for them.

We like it a lot and recommend that you like it too. A Review Posse Favorite!

Visit – the Cellophane Flowers

Video Below – The Cellophane Flowers – If I Was A Girl

The Band is:

Francesca Corradini
Nick Guy
Luca Napolitano
Ian Sumner

The Cellophane Flowers EP
Oh My God! EP
If I Was A Girl EP


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