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Sunday February 25th 2018



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Phil Henry – Hold Up

Phil HenryPhil Henry – Hold Up | Finalist | Expose Yourself Song Contest

“Minimal arrangement spotlights Phil Henry’s determined vocals, while the lyrics creep up behind and  bludgeon you with modern desperation.  Compelling classic outlaw ballad for current times in the heart clobbering and truth filled traditions of great 1960′s protest anthems and the hair-raising truth of a Garth Brooks song (before he was too well-fed and well paid)…” by Florence Lamb

“An instant classic ” – Sylus Brown

PHIL HENRY is a singer-songwriter from southern Vermont, USA.  He sings funky, folk-pop acoustic originals which reflect the aspirations and realities of his small-town upbringing.” be sure to check out all of Phil’s work”.

Check Out Phil Henry’s new release Robots And Romance

Visit Phil Henry at his website here>

Video Below: Phil Henry | Hold Up


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