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Sunday February 25th 2018



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Kotodama – Choices

Kotadama -see you tonightKotodama – Choices | Finalist | Expose Yourself Song Contest

“Full of longing and hope the lush musical fullness of this song is underscored by the kind of keening electronic rhythm that it makes me long for the biggest heart-stark anthems of the ’80′s.   I want to  listen to it full blast speeding across the desert in a convertible…”by Florence Lamb

Re: Kotodama: “This song and their music have a tendency to quickly draw you into a spacious musical landscape, where you are part of the equation. I look forward to more.”- David Colon-

Kotodama: its the simplicity of it all… the simple gentle music, the simple gentle messages, the simple orchestration…simply enjoyable. – Sylus Brown

Kotodama -  Kotadama means “Spirit of words” – Brothers Chris and Evan Brown were born and raised on a rural property on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. They are currently in the US in LA ready to drop their debut album, “Dichotomy” and then to tour. You wont want to miss them …then you can say i saw them before they played arenas. The magic ball says they are gonna Blow Up Fast. Check out heir new video for “See You Tonight” hopefully we will see one for “Choices” before to long.

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Video Below: Kotodama – See You Tonight


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  1. Bonnie K. says:

    Cute Aussie boys ….yum

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