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Sunday February 25th 2018



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Jon Mclurg – Big Band Theory

Jon Mclurg - The Auctioneer Jon Mclurg – Big Band Theory | Runner Up | Expose Yourself Song Contest

“Honors the timeless tradition of masterful songwriting and storytelling mixed with strong musicianship. This song could hold it’s own side by side with Bob Dylan and Tom Waits.  Highly original arrangement combines a surprisingly flavorful mix of instruments:  strumming banjo, a serenading mariachi/madrigal  style horn, a timekeepers stripped down military drum.  Big enveloping sound that sweeps you along in a  lush heartfelt calliope waltz.  Both big and bold, keen and subtle”…by Florence Lamb

” A musical poet studied in the classic storyteller styling of the great folk writers from the generations before him, with subtle whispering lyrics and tasteful original musical arrangement”- Dave Colon

Jon Mclurg – Ontario Canada

Pick up Jon’s CD >Jon Mclurg -The Auctioneer

Visit Jon> MySpace Page

Video Below- a Fan Video for Jon Mclurg’s song “Big Band Theory”


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