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Sunday February 25th 2018



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J.L. Baker – Independence Day

J.L. Baker - Stand AloneJ.L. Baker – Independence Day | Finalist | Expose Yourself Song Contest.

J.L.Baker – Independence Day

Independence Day is a great song that deals with starting over, something all to many of us find ourselves doing. This uplifting and hopeful cut is an inspiring track especially for those facing a broken relationship or lost love. J.L. is able to capture those new beginning’s with his tasteful song  . Tasty ,uplifting and hopeful J.L. Baker shines a light on his new beginnings and ours with a great new release and a ton of enjoyable and completely listenable tracks you won’t want to miss. Review Posse Approved.

A fresh tenor voice singing original, catchy tunes that leave you singing along.  Lyrically poetic; riddled with stories about the successes and triumphs of life, as well as the bitter moments and realistic truths.  A guy with a gift to touch hearts in his songs.

James Lee Baker from Colorado is has a brand new EP available entitled “Stand Alone” its so new its still warm from the presses and you know that fresh EP’s taste better than stale ones, so grab J.L Bakers new release right now and support independent music >Stand Alone Ep.

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