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Sunday February 25th 2018



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Kate Nash “My Best Friend is You”

Kate Bush- My Best Friend Is YouKate Nash – “My Best Friend Is You” Label: Geffen Records  April 2010

Scheduled for release on April 20, 2010, 22 year old Kate Nash’s “My Best Friend is You” shows musical growth while maintaining the honest quirkiness that made 2008′s debut “Made of Bricks” both a critical favorite and a unique voice. Both daring and eclectic, Nash who writes her own songs and plays piano, guitar, bass and drums, boldly navigates the sass of classic Motown girl groups, the sweetness of folk, the gutsy rawness of near-punk minimalism and the satisfying expansiveness of 80′s pop. She is a Facebook phenom who rocketed to success when “Made Of Bricks’” release date was pushed up to satisfy fan demand and subsequently hit number one on the U.K. Charts. Her first release was full of the angst of unfulfilled love and longing for someone to share “dancing at discos, eating cheese and toast” in her clipped British accent epitomized by her love-lost ballad “Dickhead.” Her follow up gleams with the higher stakes and beauty of love realized as well as maturity of social commentary and a huge talent that continues to grow.

Below- Do-Wah-Doo the first single from “My Best Friend is You”

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