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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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Survival Story – The Flobots

Survival Story - The FlobotsSurvival Story – The Flobots -Label: Republic March 2010

The Flobots – “Survival Story”  – Six Flobot’s dedicated to social action, change and thought. “Survival Story” has more electronic effects then the “Fight with Tools” album but the same excellent flow and rap.  The Flobots are unique to the genre. With a blend of rock .punk, funk and hip-hop and cool instrumentation including a good use of synth strings on this disc , the high energy of the Flobots are captured well on this release. With style and groove that won’t let you down this CD will be a welcome addition to your collection. Part Beastie Boys and Gorillaz  part Funkadelic  the Flobots bring their message for your head to digest.

Go Flobots! Wave the White Flag! Let Freedom Ring . Check It.


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