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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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SARAH SILVERMAN – From Our Rears to Your Ears

sarah silverman cast_songs

Sarah Silverman – “From Our Rears to Your Ears.” Comedy Central, 2010.

Songs of the Sarah Silverman Program.

The somewhat outrageous comedienne and her cast mates released their first album of humor this month, intended only for mature audiences. Not being a fan of the show, though,  most of it was not very funny to us. 

Why they decided to release the CD is a real mystery. One could speculate it’s a tax write-off. But not to be unfair:  if you are related to Sarah or are a fan of her show (unlikely), then you will love this release. And even then, we suggest that you wait a week or two before purchasing it, so that you can pick it up for less in the Kmart clearance bin.


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