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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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Matisyahu - "Light"Matisyahu

We’ve been listening to a lot of this artist’s amazing music recently, especially since his fantastic song “One Day” was a featured song at the 2010 Winter Olympics  in Vancouver. This talented musician fuses many styles into a unique, harmonious blend of love and rhythm, successfully tying  lessons of spiritual and religious growth easily to his music.  

We are working on a Matisyahu article at the moment, but enjoy the tracks and videos below until the  full review  is posted.  Be sure to check out Matisyahu’s newest release, “Light” –  an appropriate name from an artist that conveys such joy and life in his music. And if you’re lucky to find a ticket any of his upcoming shows, we highly recommend that you seize the opportunity.

Website > Matisyahu

Video: Matisyahu – “Ancient Lullaby” @ AOL Sessions

Video: Matisyahu – “One Day” Live

Video: Matisyahu – “King Without A Crown” Live on Letterman

Visit Matisyahu’s Official Video Channel Here> Official Video


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