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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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Four Year Strong – “Enemy of the World”

Four Year Strong- Enemy of the WorldFour Year Strong – “Enemy of the World”    Label:UNI/MOTOWN    March 9 2010

Four Year Strong release “Enemy Of The World” formed in Massachusetts in 2001 this much anticipated follow up has some great tracks from the punk/pop/hardcore outfit. The first song that jumps out “On a Saturday” with some intense hardcore chants and cool vocal work.The band is a tight unit with a well oiled machinery at work and a high energy and a catchy groove driving the pop flavored hardcore. Having heard a lot of pop-core over the years this is a pro release of the genre. One of the always enjoyable aspects of “Four Year Strong” is the strong dual/shared vocals and harmonies that set them apart from other genre groups to some degree. Another track that hit me was “Find My Way Back” with its excellent poppy guitar riffs. The band is working on setting itself apart from ever growing number of entrants into this style and are holding their own and making headway with each release. These well produced numbers play well with a few standouts like the title track ” Enemy of The World” mixed in. Maybe not a break through CD but a good effort and addition to their growing discography. Fans of the band will not be disappointed as the recording quality and production is better than the last release.Check It Out.

Four Year Strong is:
Dan O’Connor – vocals/guitar
Alan Day – vocals/guitar
Joe Weiss – bass
Jake Massucco – drums
Josh Lyford – synth/vocals

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