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Sunday February 25th 2018



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Carolina Chocolate Drops – “Genuine Negro Jig”

Carolina Chocolate DropsCarolina Chocolate Drops – “Genuine Negro Jig”¬†¬† Label:Nonesuch¬† 2010

From the opening track this record has soul. Carolina Chocolate Drops are in the renaissance of reviving reinterpreting and preserving the African-American string-band tradition.A banjo-driven string-band music originating more than a century ago. Their interpretation and performance on this release .”Genuine Negro Jig” is no less than spectacular. We love a disc that has a flavor, a cohesive connection between members of the band, the music, the songs, and the statement this disc has all that and more. You can immediately recognize the level of talent at work behind the instruments and it is applied well through great production that honors the history steeped in the music while bringing an enjoyable stereo experience. With upbeat tracks like ‘Cornbread and Butterbeans’ “Cindy Gal” and”Sandy Boys’ are immediate standouts and torch tracks like “Why Don’t You Do Right?” and the haunting ‘Snowden’s Jig’ round out the record for a complete meal not just a snack.

Favorite Track -All of Them . The “Carolina Chocolate Drops” bring us excellent sonic sensations with the release of “Genuine Negro Jig” . I smell awards coming. Grade=A.

The Band Members
Dom Flemons -guitar
Rhiannon Giddens -banjo and fiddle
Justin Robinson -fiddle and banjo

Video Below:”Carolina Chocolate Drops” – “Hit’ Em Up Style”

Video Below:”Carolina Chocolate Drops”-’Cornbread and Butterbeans’

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