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Sunday February 25th 2018



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BLAKE SHELTON – Hillbilly Bone

Blake Shelton - Hillbilly BoneBlake Shelton – “Hillbilly Bone.” Warner Bros, 2010.

Blake Shelton’s new release “Hillbilly Bone” is being referred to as a “six pack” release – with six new songs at a lower cost than a full-length CD. This new format of releasing shorter, lower-cost albums more often seems to be gaining popularity among other artists.

Blake’s voice is well-suited for country music. Combine that with a major-label studio budget, and you have a well-produced and polished country release. This CD has everything that a good country release should have: drinking, break ups, country pride, playful humor, finger-picking  and slide guitar guitar, good clear vocals, knee-slapping beats… and quality music in general. Blake has a lot of fun on this album – often showing off his southern pride and confronting Southern stereotypes in a tongue-and-cheek fashion. The track, “Kiss My Country Ass” exemplifies this, as well as the title-track  ”Hillbilly Bone” – where he jokes about his friend from New York City not knowing who Conway Twitty is.  Blake also reveals a more serious side on”Cant Afford To Love You”  and “You’ll Always Be Beautiful” – a beautiful song about a beautiful girl who drinks a bit too much.

Take a listen for yourself. But caution: on the second play, you may be hooked on it. This album will surely satisfy your cravings for country music, should they arise, but you will still be able to appreciate  Shelton’s strong musicianship even if country isn’t your genre of choice.  And as for the ”six pack” formula: We’re left wanting one or two more…An eight-pack would have been preferable.

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Video: Blake Shelton – “Hillbilly Bone”


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