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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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Black Rock – Joe Bonamassa

Black Rock - Joe BonamassaBlack Rock – Joe Bonamassa  - Label: Premier Artists   – March 23 2010

“Black Rock” ,named for the studio where it was recorded in Greece, is the latest entry from  Joe Bonamassa. Joe has been playing blues guitar since before he could drive and is clearly a blues master. This fact may not be captured on this his latest release , a studio release , as well as it has been captured on his recent live release and his live performances. Never the less what is captured on this CD is great blues. With his tenth solo release Joe add more brick and mortar to cement his place in the blues rock category.This disc produced by Kevin Shirley has some interesting world influence and instrumentation with the guest musicians mixed into the blues rock. Notable as well are Blue’s legends both B.B. King and Lucille who appearance with Joe on a Willie Nelson “Night Life” cover doing a duet of both vocals and guitar. Tracks on “BLACK ROCK”  include Jeff Beck s Spanish Boots, Leonard Cohen s poetic Bird On A Wire, Otis Rush’s Three Times A Fool, Bobby Parker’s Steal Your Heart Away, Blind Boy Fuller’s Baby, You Gotta Change Your Mind, John Hiatt’s I Know A Place, and James Clark’s Look Over Yonders Wall, as well as the originals When The Fire Hits The Sea, Quarryman’s Lament, Wandering Earth, Athens To Athens and Blue and Evil. Its a good disc whose recording quality could be just tweaked a bit more.There are great blues tunes on the disc performed by a blues master so if that is your flavor you will want to grab the CD and highly recommended is to catch Joe Bonamassa live if you really want to the full Joe experience.


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  1. Doug says:

    Joe knows how to rock the blues live I just saw him. Great record too.

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