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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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BUZZCOCKS Reissue Their First Three Albums

Buzzcocks- In a Different KitchenBuzzcocks Reissue Their First Three Albums in the United States

It’s the Buzzcocks!¬† Deluxe reissue’s of the classic’ first three albums are available now in the United States! These Special Edition CD sets, totaling 123 tracks, are loaded with rare studio tracks and live concert recordings. The 3 releases, “Another Music in a Different Kitchen”, “Love Bites”, “A Different Kind of Tension,” also features¬†33 versions of tracks never previously heard! Released in the U.K. in 2008, these reissue’s make their debut in the States.¬†Buzzcocks- a Different Kind of Tension
The Buzzcocks unquestionably had a profound influence on the changing music scene of the late 70s, but have also served as a source of inspiration for many bands since. Their inimitable pop/punk flavor has forever opened sonic channels of expression.

Video-making has come a long way in the past thirty years…. but these are still great.
Video: Buzzcocks – “What Do I Get?”

Video: Buzzcocks – “Harmony in My Head”


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