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Sunday February 25th 2018



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DUB FX – Everythinks A Ripple

DUB FX – “Everythinks A Ripple.” Self-Released, 2010.

Benjamin Stanford, the genius behind Dub FX, is a true wandering minstrel. He travels the world with his partner, Flower Fairy, performing his music for the public.

Dub FX finally made his music tangible to those not lucky enough to see him live with his debut release, “Everythinks a Ripple.”  This creative release – which was entirely created with Standford’s voice, a Roland effects and a loop pedal – has a lot to offer its listeners. It’s an amazing work of socially conscious music, dedication and creative determination  that demonstrates the limits of vocal capacity.

Favorite Tracks:  “Love Someone,” “Soothe Your Pain,”  “Flow,” and “Future”

Check out the entire DUB FX release below:

You can purchace the music directly here :  Dub FX

Watch: Dub FX Live


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  1. M Grandan says:

    Wow Dub FX is some crazy funky guy. But the songs are cool. Its so jamming how he makes the music by himself. I play in a band with 5 guys and don’t make this much sound. lol. Its very weird cool.

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