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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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Abby Miller – Young Talent

Abby MillerAbby Miller – Talent that can’t wait to grow up … some talent demands recognition and recognize it we will here at Review Posse. We would gladly review Abbey’s work and promote it but for the time being that will have to wait until Abbey is older and puts out a record. We will wait for it though. Enjoy Abby Millers Videos in the mean time and her evolving talent…. I smell a Grammy starting to grow. A Review Posse Stamp of Approval is granted to this talented charitable and caring young lady.  But don’t be fooled by her young age as evidenced in the videos below even when she was only 10 years old  Abby was belting out tunes as well as most adult singers.  A giant talent in a little package.

Video -12 Year Old Abby Miller.

10-year-old Abby Miller sings “I Will Remember You” by Sarah McLachlan.

10-year-old Abby sings Independence Day by Martina McBride in 2008

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