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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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THE EXPLOITED – Fuck The System

The Exploited -F The SystemThe Exploited – “Fuck the System.” Spitfire, 2003.
Wattie Buchan and the boys are still thrashing it up on their most recent album, “Fuck The System. After cutting my teeth on “I Believe In Anarchy” and “Punk’s Not Dead” in the early ’80s,  it’s refreshing to realize that some things in life don’t change all that much. The energy level of the Exploited 20+ years after their peak exemplifies this point. They are still playing great music and are still angry punks – a testament to the fact that you can wear combat boots your whole life. The monstrous wall of guitar complimented by the guttural  vocals of Wattie, pushed forward at a respectable pace by pounding drums and bass, make this album an experience that will at least keep you at the edge of your seat,  if you don’t give in to your urge to thrash up your living room. Some tracks have some stylistic similarities to “Discharge” – another great punk band with fine mohawks. There is no slowing these Edinburgh punks down. This record possibly presents Wattie at his finest, and is a must-have for any Exploited Fan.

Watch: The Exploited – “Chaos Is My Life”


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