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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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OrianthiOrianthi – “Believe.”  Geffen Records, 2009.

Take a close look at this beautiful and amazing talent; this is what the future of rock music will be looking like. Orianthi has been acknowledged and supported by some of today’s biggest musical giants, such as Steve Vai , Carrie Underwood,  and had been chosen for a 50 date tour with Michael Jackson prior to his passing (she then performed at the MJ memorial). Carlos Santana has also referred to her music as “seriously ass-whoopin.’” 

Signed to Geffen Records, this energetic 25 year old is a phenomenal guitarist, oozing with musical soul and advanced technique. To top it all off, she’s also a superb vocalist. Hailing from Adelaide, Australia, Orianthi is a worthy guitarist to pass on the rock guitar torch for the genre’s future.
Video: Orianthi – “According To You”

 (the first single off her new album ”Believe”)
According To You

Orianthi | MySpace Music Videos

Highly Strung

Orianthi | MySpace Music Videos

Video – Orianthi  shredding like no other

Amazing Talented Guitarist

J J | MySpace Video


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