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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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Kiss – Global Web Cast

kissKiss – Live Global Web Cast Recorded 11/25/09 09:22PM

Kiss with the first ever live Kiss concert global web cast – taped broadcast of event below.

Playing a lot of classic vintage and new Kiss hits to a global audience live from Los Angeles this 35 yr rock franchise still gives crowds what they want, a great show. Bottom Line even if you don’t get Kiss if you bought a ticket to their live show and were there you too would get your moneys worth entertainment wise and feel the Kiss energy and excitement sweeping through the arena possibly turning you into a fan and another member of the Kiss Army.

KISS Recorded Live 11/25/09 09:22PM

Push the middle arrow to watch on or the bottom arrow to watch here.

Kiss Starts playing at 33.33 in the video .

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