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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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KICKING DAISIES – Kicking Daisies

Kicking DaisiesKicking Daisies – “Kicking Daisies”. Go Entertainment, LLC (January 26, 2010).

“100% Suck Free”
While “tween” bands don’t usually find their way under our radar, this debut CD by the Kicking Daisies is something different than your usual “tween” power pop-rock. Some old rock-and-roll spirits seem deeply rooted in each young member. This very talented young band has amazing musicianship within it. Notable guitar-work, rock-solid drums, strong bass, intricate keys, rich vocals and tastefully layered harmonies together make the band a complete package.  Kicking Daisies possess enough pop-rock energy to propel itself at the world with some serious momentum. They capture teen idealism and exploration with optimism and upbeat energy.
Caution: there are a few particularly addictive tracks. Listen to “Go”, “You keep me Shakin’”, and of course the band anthem,“Kicking Daisies”.

There are many adult bands with less talent than this band. While their band and their music are so young,  we wish them success with this release, and will be watching with anticipation for more great albums in the future .

The group consists of:

Duran Visek - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Caitlin Kalafus – Drums, Vocals
Ben Spremulli – Lead Guitar
Carly Kalafus – Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

*Caitlin holds the title of world’s fastest female drummer for the last three years –  somewhere around 799 beats per minute. Videos of her drum solos on YouTube total over a million hits.

Watch: Kicking Daisies – “GO”

Kicking Daisies – GO


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  1. sakshi says:

    dese guys r awesome…..!!!!!

  2. jacki says:

    ive never heard thus band before, im friends will someone who knows them on a chat site and she asked me to check them out, i cant beleive they are so good at this young age

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