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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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HERE COME THE MUMMIES – Everlasting Party

Here Come The Mummies - Everlasting PartyHere Come The Mummies – “Everlasting Party”.  Sphinxter Records, 2003.

Time for some scary funk? Here Come the Mummies is a Funk/R&B band, who have gained some notoriety for their live performances, in which band members come onstage dressed in mummy costumes (presumedly to protect their identities).The band’s members have assumed specific characters that have been strictly maintained throughout their history and reinforced by their individual bios and public appearances. The band is signed on the independent label Sphinxter Records, through which they have released three albums: Terrifying Funk from Beyond the Grave (2002), Everlasting Party (2003) and Single Entendre (2008). If you enjoy funk and have a sense of humor, these boys will have you up with a funky good time.

Watch: Here Come The Mummies – “Tip Toe” (radio performance)


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