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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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Evacuate Chicago_veracityEvacuate Chicago – “Veracity.” Rock Ridge Music, 2010.

Evacuate Chicago” consists of three members of Psychostick: Rob “Rawrb” Kersey, Alex “Shmalex” Preiss, and Joshua “Joshy” Key. This side project’s debut album “Veracity” does not resemble the Humor-Core you have grown to love from Psychostick; it’s a much more  but a more in-your-face release. Evoking images of battle, the album starts with some good punches to your face with “Occasional Letter Number One,” “Nothing Like You” and “Deny.” The album shifts gears slightly, giving the listeners a short break with “Perfect Ratio,” a lighter vocal saturated track, before setting them up for “The Hole” – a complex and riff-laden track in the style of SOD. The album maintains this mood, though throws in a few sharp variations to keep listeners at attention, with more tightly executed tracks, dripping with energy.  The players and the production are rock solid: a double basedrum lends the music a delicious crunchiness, along with savory guitar and bass work and complex vocals.  The music effectively balances mosh-pit anger with more complex metal and rhythmic sounds. As the tracks progress, this combination effectively draws you in deeply, only to lose yourself in the Evacuate Chicago experience.  This side project is impressive and warrants your full attention.

Favorites: “Peace, Love, and Santa Clause,” “Velociraptor,” The Hole”


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