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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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EELS – End Times

The Eels - End TimesEels – “End Times.”  Vagrant Records,  2010.

Unveiled today we have the eighth record from the Eels,  titled “End Times” . This self produced recording contains more of the unique melancholy genius of Mark Oliver Everett, whose detachment and isolation seems to grow with each release. This record deals with such universally complicated themes as broken love, aging and social alienation. Everett succeeds in conveying complex emotional color in a minimalist, seemingly effortless fashion – through simple, almost rudimentary, music. In this case, less really is more. Everett always seems to always be walking the fine line between insanity, genius, loneliness and wanting. In the first single from the album, “Little Bird,” Everett sings to his only friend, a little bird,  about his lost love. Other notably sad and beautiful songs include, “In My Younger Days” (video below), “End Times” (video below),  ”Gone Man” and “A Line in the Dirt.” You must be impressed and moved with the  that devastating emotion the Eels manage to capture on the record.

Watch: Eels – “End Times”

Watch: Eels – “In my Younger Days”

Mark Oliver Everett is a  guy who has known plenty of tragedy but still has his wry sense of humor intact.He has recently released a book, “Things the Grandchildren Should Know” which refreshingly intertwines his life story, with its many stops along his artisitic journey with witty prose and wry wisdom from this creative artist. Full of hope, humor this acclaimed memoir is a window into what has shaped his life and music. .


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