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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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CHEMBO CORNIEL – Things I Wanted To Do

Chembo Corniel – Things I Wanted To Do

Chembo Corniel – “Things I Wanted to Do”. Chemborecords, Inc. (2009)

Wilson “Chembo” Corneil is a seasoned master percussionist. He has toured worldwide with Larry Harlow’s Latin Legends Band. His recent recordings include those with the Legends Band, the Buddy Montgomery Trio, the Bronx Horns, the Raf Astor Band and Ray Vega. He has also performed with Bobby Sanabria and Ascension, Tito Puente, Hilton Ruiz and Chucho Valdes.

Nominated for the 2010 Grammy Award for Best Latin Jazz Album, “Things I Wanted to Do” is a fantastic album with a great swing. The tracks are subtle and captivating; deep and complex, yet tasteful. Chembo’s passion as a musician can be seen and felt on this record. With each of his albums, Chembo expands upon his interpretation of Latin jazz rhythmically –  reinventing and discovering new avenues of expression within the genre. This record is graced with superb guest performances, such as  Frank Fontaine on flute and Jimmy Bosch on trombone. If you appreciate good Latin jazz, you must add “Things I Wanted To Do” to your collection.

Present on This Recording: Ivan Renta: tenor and soprano saxophone. Vince Cherico: drums. Carlo DeRosa: acoustic bass. Elio Villafranca: piano, Fender Rhodes. Chembo Corniel: tumbadoras, Batá (Okónkolo), all percussion. Guests Players: Dave Samuels: vibes. Ludovic Beier: accordion. Jimmy Bosch: trombone. David Oquendo: guitar. John Di Martino: Fender Rhodes. Ruben Rodríguez: acoustic bass. Tino Derado: piano. Gennaro Tedesco: lead guitar. Octavio Kotan: rhythm guitar.  Junior Rivera: tres. Frank Fontaine: flute. Marvin Diz: timbales. Nelson Jaime (Gazu): string arr. and player. Pedro Martinez: Batá (Itótele), vocals. Ogduardo Roman Diaz: Batá (Iyá), vocals.  Iliana Santamaria: vocals .


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