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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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AL DI MEOLA – Casino

Al Di Meola – CasinoAl Di Meola – “Casino”.   Sbme Special Mkts, 1978.

You may not know the name Al Di Meola like you know the names Jimmy Page or even John Scofield, but he is one of the towering figures of guitar alive in the world today.  He is probably most famous for his work with Chick Corea’s jazz fusion band from the seventies Return to Forever.  Also he is known for his work playing flamenco/jazz in The Guitar Trio with two other of the worlds greatest guitar players, Paco De Lucia (known for his prowess in classical and flamenco guitar) and John McLaughlin (known for his work with Miles Davis and the Mahavishnu Orchestra).  Al Di Meola’s solo career blends his fusion roots with his interest in Spanish music (he himself is an Italian-American from New Jersey) to create a progressive style that pioneered the sound that led to such acts as Yngwie Malmstien and Dream Theater.  But more so than Malmstien and Dream Theater, with his unique set of influences and penchant for subtlety, Meola is able to create melodically and texturally beautiful music that is definitely worth a listen.

By Joshua Cahan



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