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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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LEZ ZEPPELIN – Lez Zeppelin

Lez ZeppelinLez Zeppelin – “Lez Zeppelin”.  July 10, 2007 on Emanation Records

Lez Zeppelin Santa Fe NM 4_2009

Lez Zeppelin Santa Fe NM 4_2009 Photo By: Dave Colon

Lez Zeppelin. Yes! This all-girl Led Zeppelin tribute band’s debut CD is one of the better albums of 2007. A must-have for the Led Zeppelin fan. A performance by these girls is a surreal experience to behold. Steph Payne emulates Jimmy Page honorably, with authentic guitar work that screams Zep loudly and proudly. Between the growling and sensual performance of their lead singer to their multi-talented female string-master, this band shows you an intense vision of Zep in an alternate reality of female rock god power.The lead guitarist shreds the strings so hard you literally watch them burn. The drummer wails and slams and keeps a hard beat so effortlessly that Bonham would be proud. For these reasons, Lez Zeppelin is one of the only cover bands to get on to the festival circuit these past few years. Go see them!

Great sound and the musicianship make this group more than a cover band. They were admittedly one of the best live shows I’ve been lucky enough to catch recently. You will love them.  These girls rock better than all other tribute bands. Pick up the CD and plan on catching a live show. whole heartedly supports Lez Zeppelin! So Should You!

Some Lez Zep Pictures

Steph Payne- Lez Zeppelin Santa Fe 4_2009

Steph Paynes- Lez Zeppelin Santa Fe 4_2009 Photo By:Dave Colon


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  1. Marla says:

    Lez Zep is the best live show i have seen in years , exciting band music you love hot girls blazing guitar work by Steph Paynes.

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