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Tuesday January 23rd 2018



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DAVID BOWIE – A Reality Tour

David Bowie

David Bowie – “A Reality Tour”.  January 26, 2010 on Sony Legacy

David Robert Jones (known as David Bowie) is one of the most innovative pop stars of the 20th Century. Beginning as a fey singer-songwriter, Bowie repeatedly re-invented himself to stay fresh and interesting to the public, earning the tag “rock chameleon” because of his versatility over a 40-year career in music.

Bowie fans can rejoice over the news that “A Reality Tour” is finally being released as a double-CD, an audio remastering of his hugely successful 2004 tour including three previously unreleased tracks: “China Girl”, “Breaking Glass” and “Fall Dog Bombs The Moon”.

Caught at the very apex of his storied career and fronting a crack band that spotlights guitarist Earl Slick, Bowie cuts loose with “Fame” (co-written with John Lennon); a thrilling audience sing-along version of “All The Young Dudes” (a huge hit Bowie penned for Mott The Hoople); “Under Pressure” (co-written by Bowie and members of Queen, including Freddie Mercury); and “Changes,” the song that all-but-defines the man’s career in a single word. With few exceptions, no other singer in the history of pop music has been around for this long and sounds as exciting now as he ever did!

The album features over 30 classic Bowie songs, spanning from “The Man Who Sold the World”  (1970), all the way to “Reality” (2003), and collaborations such as “Sister Midnight” (with Iggy Pop). Plus, “A Reality Tour” contains snippets and teasers of Bowie classics such as “Space Oddity” and “Golden Years”. This is essentially a Greatest Hits Live package!  Amazing!


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